The inspiration for ”Drifted” series came from a visit to Øygarden, outside of Bergen. While walking along the waters edge I became aware of all the varied materials and objects that had floated ashore. Driftwood bleached and scoured by the ocean, old cork that had been ground to unrecognisable shapes. These textures, shapes and material set the basis for the stool ”Drifted”. The name plays off the materials ability to drift with the current.

The seat in cork represents the soft, warm and flexible, while the leg construction in ash stands as a representation for the robust, static and hardy. The fusion between these materials creates a functional, as well as visual harmony. The stool incorporates form-qualities that create remembrance to the traditional craftsmanship of Scandinavian furniture.


Producer and exclusive worldwide distributor:

Cover photo by: Milanese creative agency SM Associati, working together with the photographer Silvia Orlandi and stylist duo Enrico Pompili and Valentina Cameranesi

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