Upcycled vegetable tanned leather

Product shoot – Magne Sandnes

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[ 2010 ]

Honoring the humble ideals of indigenous tradition and pre-industrial sobriety, the Beller leather-linking technique adds a welcomed touch of modern sophistication to waste reduction.

Playing with the juxtaposition of luxury materials with a consumption-conscious mentality, LINK represents a rare throwback to a considerate, machine-independent mindset in a modern design context.

Strong, versatile and ventilate, the technique can fit almost any purpose and surface, opening a vast range of possibilities only limited by imagination.

Composed solely of random pieces of leather, the technique leaves each item visually unique – a desired reminder of the LINK story and philosophy.

The intuitive linking-technique allows anyone (literally anyone) to assemble pre-cut leather scraps to a range of applicable products from pillows and beanbags to daybeds and lounge chairs.

LINK connects wholeheartedly with the philosophy of designer Lars Beller; to offer sustainable yet sophisticated solutions for a smarter tomorrow.

Lars on process:

“Prior to developing the Link series I visited a local tannery outside Bergen. I remember seeing pile after pile of discarded leather, thrown away because it didn’t meet the ridiculous standards of perfection demanded by luxury brands. A slight discolouration, insect bites or other scaring was enough to place these hides in the unwanted section.

Out of frustration I decided to design a range of luxury products that only consisted out of scrapped leather. This resulted in the Link series.”

Leather scraps ready to be processed (Photo: Lars B. Fjetland)

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