Baltic Birch Plywood with surface veneer

Panel Sizeses:
Quilt H36” x W36” x D2,9″ (91,5cm x 91,5 cm x 7,5cm)

Pleat H59″ x W16,9″ x D3,5″ (150cm x 43cm x 9cm)

Twist H116″ x W17,3″ x D3,5″ (295cm x 44cm x 9cm

Standard Finishes:
Oak, Walnut, Douglas Fir, White Pine

Contract or residential

Dust regularly. Spot clean with cloth dampened with water only.

FSC sertified wood, No liquid glue and less waste due to new technology


Taran Neckelmann



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Softwood Collection

[ 2022 ]

The Softwood Collection by Lars Beller Fjetland, stretches and bends wood to an almost impossible form. Pleat, Quilt, and
Twist haven’t forgotten their midcentury roots but an innovative new process enables forms inspired by the subtle folds of textiles and drapery. Available in four wood veneers, the panels softly undulate across the wall with minimal hardware and boost sound softening with an optional felt-covered acoustic substrate behin

“In 2017, I stumbled across a new technology for producing and forming plywood which I immediately knew could be the perfect match for the concept. The material’s unique traits would allow me to push it beyond conventional limits, twisting, bending, and deforming it. In addition, this technology made it possible to give the material the soft features I was looking for.

The technology requires no liquid glue, making it far more sustainable
and easy to work with than conventional lamination techniques. In addition, there is no need for additional machining/post-processing after the pressing, which results in less waste and a cost-efficient production process. In sum, what would have been an expensive, out-of-reach product can now be serially produced and brought to market for everyone to enjoy.”

Lars on process:

“The main inspiration behind the Softwood Collection stems from my recent fascination with the soft and calming characteristics of draped, folded, and suspended fabrics—an aesthetic that offers something warm, gentle, safe, and comforting. I found the idea of replicating these exact qualities in a material commonly perceived as static immensely intriguing.

The way textiles can completely change the ambiance of a room is truly intriguing. It is not just about the acoustic qualities. To me, it’s also about form. When fluid lines break up straight lines, a space can feel more like nature—establishing a balance between the static and the non-static.The most challenging part of the project was finding a suitable natural material that would allow me to come up with a production process that was both commercial while, at the same time, and perhaps most importantly, could replicate the textures and characteristics of woven fabrics.

The pursuit of making something seemingly flat feel organic brought to mind the leg splinters that Charles and Ray Eames developed for the U.S. Navy. It stands to me as one of the most iconic and innovative designs in modern times. Working with traditional molded plywood, they had to push the material to its limits to perform in a way no one thought possible.

This mentality and drive to innovate propelled me to dive deep into new material technology, which quickly yielded results”


Physical moodboard (Photo: Taran Neckelmann)

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