Most of us can recall a childhood fascination with the flickering flame – mesmerized by the rhythm of the burning light; the concept of time seemed to slowly dissolve. Lars Beller's «Moment» candle extinguisher revisits this lost meditative watch with an added reminder of its impermanence. As the flame slowly makes its way towards the bottom of the candle, the suspense builds towards its split second finale. 

The idea of the Moment candle extinguisher was born during a visit to the people’s museum in Oslo in 2012.

“During my stay I stumbled across a collection of silver candelabrums I from the late 19th century. Amongst these pieces was an extraordinary device described as a candle extinguisher. I couldn’t help being completely obsessed with this quirky concept, and I immediately decided that I wanted to create my own modern and simplified interpretation of this remarkable contraption.”

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Photo by: Sjur Pollen

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