Walnut, Mahogany and Maple wood

Mom, Dad: H12.8 cm
Girl, Boy: H11.2 cm
Baby: H10.6 cm

Product shoot – Valeria Granillo for Architectmade
Cover photo – Arminka Roth

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[ 2019 ]

Kin is synonymous with friends and family: a concept devoted to celebrating the ones that are closest to us; the nearest and dearest.” Today, the word “family” has beautifully extended far beyond traditional paradigms. The Kin collection encompasses this broadening by allowing for a range of possible constellations. Pick and choose freely between the various characters to manifest a unique relationship.

The tilting and interchangeable heads allow the figurines to express subtle emotions, both alone and while interacting with each other. “Curious, Admiring, Thoughtful, Shy”

Lars on process:

“To be frank, the inspiration for the Kin collection came in several stages and were a generous mix of visual, tactile and emotional references that I gathered over several years. To me, there is nothing a-typical about this way of working, and some of my best projects stem from long and seemingly complex processes.

I launched a series of turned wooden birds back in 2012 which were surprisingly well received, and it left me with a strong desire to create something new and even more challenging. This marked the beginning of the search for a suitable concept to work around.

I had my first real Eureka moment in 2015 when I stumbled across some traditional Kokeshi dolls while doing research for another project. I was immediately drawn to their formal simplicity and their highly expressive hand painted faces. The oversized heads balanced so perfectly on the cylindrical bodies giving these dolls an unmistakable visual signature. I knew right there and then that this would be the starting point for my next big endeavour.”

Quotes from an Interview with Nordic Notes

New and old ways of prototyping (Photo: Lars B. Fjetland)

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“ARCHITECTMADE is a philosophy. We search archives and drawings of the most acclaimed designers of all time, we discover talented designers to create timeless icons that can be passed on for generations.

At ARCHITECTMADE we care a lot. We are very focused on making a positive impact on the world delivering high quality products that will stand the test of time thanks to the best materials, the excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control.”

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