Seamlessly sculpted from glass and sound-absorbing cork, the soft and friendly appearance of the «Pianissimo» lamp invites you to come share a quiet moment in the comfort of its gentle light.

Traditionally, the design of cork-based lamps forces an undesired downside in production; the excessive waste linked to the process of transforming a solid block of cork into a thin and hollow shade. By utilizing the flexibility of the cork to wrap the material around the glass, the «Pianissimo» lamp offers an innovative and material-conscious approach to its genre, dramatically reducing the total amount of used material. 

A soft and smooth outer shell shelters its glowing, energy efficient heart of LEDs, while the white frosted glass gently crushes its light making it warm and welcoming. 

Producer and exclusive worldwide distributor:

Cover photo: Creative agency SM Associati, photographer Silvia Orlandi and stylist duo Enrico Pompili and Valentina Cameranesi

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