Seat – Laminted beech plywood
Base – powder coater steel, chromed steel
Upholstery – Sera upholstery (94% Virgin Wool, 6% Polyamide)

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Interior shots – Hem

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Touchwood metal

[ 2020 ]

Subtle, strong, and elemental, the Touchwood Chair reflects designer Lars Beller Fjetland’s belief that interacting with natural materials is of huge importance. Neither unnecessary decorations nor extraneous components should interrupt the simple relationship between material and user. The beechwood is moulded into a continuous shape, making it contract grade durable while preserving its flexibility.

All variants of the Touchwood family stack, making them an ideal choice for public spaces or busy homes. If you perceive more than a little influence from classic minimalistic Scandinavian design at play in this hardworking, functional chair, you’d be right! An armchair, counter stool, bar stool and bar chair in a variety of wooden and metal bases, heights and finishes complete the Touchwood Family.


The Touchwood extension came as a direct response to the need for a collection of extra durable furniture for both public and private environments. Petrus Palmer presented me with this challenge, and we both agreed that the Touchwood chair would be the perfect place to start.

The design language from the Touchwood originates from the same DNA as school furniture from the 50-60s, so it felt natural to revisit this typology when extending the collection. There is something rather beautiful that lies in the super rational designs of that particular time period, where every part, bend and surface serves a purpose.

Lars on process:

“Buying less but better is the way of the future, and the combination of durable design and classic lines will always be the most sustainable option.
One of my favourite things about the collection is how you can stack both regular chairs and armchairs in the same stack. It is a small but important innovation saving both time and floor space. I’m also very pleased with the solution we came up with for the stackable barstools.

This seemingly small detail makes a huge difference if you’re the owner of a restaurant or a cafe. It gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of storage and makes tasks like cleaning the floors a lot easier.

We also tried to minimize the footprint of the barstools as much as possible without compromising on ergonomics. An extra 5 barstools in a café is potentially an extra 5 paying customers. These somewhat obvious mechanisms are important to keep in mind as a designer.”

About manufacturer


“Hem – Swedish for ‘home’ – was founded in 2014 and is based in Stockholm. However, with a range of over 300 products available in 34 nations, and with the largest markets being the US, Great Britain, Germany and France, our nationality is somewhat of a side note.

Hem was born from the love for pioneering design. Our straightforward direct-to-customer model allows us to pull off what we envisioned right from the beginning: to conceive and manufacture trailblazing design of the highest quality and making it available to an international audience.”