Barstool – L. 480 mm – W. 480 mm – H. 750 mm

Stool – L. 480 mm – W. 480 mm – H. 450 mm

Oak, aggloerated cork

Interior shots – Hem
Packshot – Ernest Winzyk

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[ 2012 ]

The inspiration for the ”Drifted” series came from a visit to Øygarden, outside of Bergen on the coast of Norway. While walking along the waters edge I became aware of all the varied materials and objects that had floated ashore.

Driftwood bleached and scoured by the ocean, old cork that had been ground to unrecognizable shapes. These textures, shapes and material set the basis for the ”Drifted” series. The name plays off the materials ability to drift with the current.

The seat in cork represents the soft, warm and flexible, while the leg construction in ash stands as a representation for the robust, static and hardy. The fusion between these materials creates a functional, as well as visual harmony.

The stool incorporates form-qualities that create remembrance to the traditional craftsmanship of Scandinavian furniture.

Hem Lars Beller Fjetland Drifted

Lars on process:

“It made no sense to me to create a stool in all cork, as I personally perceive this as being a wasteful way of using this amazing material. Its structural strength is limited, so I solved this issue by combining cork with hardwood. The interlocking construction is free to slightly flex and bend under pressure, creating a soothing and comfortable seating experience.

The unique profile of the Drifted seat was actually created by accident. I made a clumsy move with the turning tool in the final stages of shaping the underside of the seat on the wood lathe. At first I was completely devastated, as turning is a non-reversible activity; once you remove material, there really isn’t a way of adding it back on again. (No control-z) Gradually I stated to sense a new and interesting shape emerging from the distorted profile. I remember feeling like I had somehow created something new and beautiful. The seat was suddenly transformed into something that was almost irresistible to touch.”

1st generation of Drifted stools shot by the legendary Carl Kleiner

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“Hem – Swedish for ‘home’ – was founded in 2014 and is based in Stockholm. However, with a range of over 300 products available in 34 nations, and with the largest markets being the US, Great Britain, Germany and France, our nationality is somewhat of a side note.

Hem was born from the love for pioneering design. Our straightforward direct-to-customer model allows us to pull off what we envisioned right from the beginning: to conceive and manufacture trailblazing design of the highest quality and making it available to an international audience.”

excerpt from hem.com