W 13,3 × D 46,1 × H 42,8 cm

Cast iron, aluminium

Polished brass

Bulb: E14 LED 5.5W Warm White
Dimmable: No
Switch: Yes
Cord Length: 200cm
Supply: 220-240V


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[ 2013 ]

Echoing an era of sophistication and grace, Lars Beller’s «Cloche» lamp curiously explores beauty, weight and balance, seeking inspiration in some of nature’s most elegant and remarkable solutions.

In an effort to set free the graceful, organic flow of form, the «Cloche» lamp represents an unexpected poetry; one that can only arise from an exploration of the improbable. Unexpected combinations of size, shape and material gain from each other, each part lending its strengths to the other to create a beautifully balanced whole.

Like a bluebell flower, the lamp is firmly grounded by its cast iron roots, while gently leaning its large and seductive spun copper petals over any object or surface; all made possible by the flexibility of its lightweight aluminium stem. The «Cloche» lamp rediscovers the inherent qualities the materials represent, while gracefully elevating their beauty.

Lars on process:

“I knew that the design in its original form would be hard, if not impossible to mass-produce. The Cloche prototype was more or less a gallery piece, and now we were presented with the challenge of turning it into a commercial product.

The characteristic silhouette of the lamp is the heart and soul of the product, so this had to remain unchanged. I spent quite some time adapting the lamp to the new demands. The wooden arm was replaced with a seamless aluminium part, which gives the lamp a more clean and elegant look. The change in material drove me to slightly change the component. I believe that material dictate form, so the aluminium part was refined and simplified to improve both function and aesthetics. The sum of all the modifications turned Cloche into a more contemporary piece, and I really couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Prototype base being cast in zinc (Photo: Lars B. Fjetland)

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