Height 19cm, Diameter 60cm

Agglomerated cork


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[ 2013 ]

Seamlessly sculpted from glass and sound-absorbing cork, the soft and friendly appearance of the «Pianissimo» lamp invites you to come share a quiet moment in the comfort of its gentle light.

Traditionally, the design of cork-based lamps forces an undesired downside in production; the excessive waste linked to the process of transforming a solid block of cork into a thin and hollow shade. By utilizing the flexibility of the cork to wrap the material around the glass, the «Pianissimo» lamp offers an innovative and material-conscious approach to its genre, dramatically reducing the total amount of used material.

A soft and smooth outer shell shelters its glowing, energy efficient heart of LEDs, while the white frosted glass gently crushes its light making it warm and welcoming.

Pianissimo Discipline Lars Beller Fjetland 7

Lars on process:

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“Discipline is a company with the aim of developing collections entirely Made in Italy, synonym for conscious and sustainable choices. The identity of our brand is symbolised by the main use of natural materials, as they are an emblem of wellness. Natural materials are efficient, resistant, recyclable, biodegradable. They require low environmental impact manufacturing processes and are a guarantee of long-lasting functional and aesthetic features. We convey these concepts through an essential and authentic design, capable of generating a sense of familiarity, yet of surprise and emotion, in line with Italian quality and style. Our collection revolves around the idea of flexibility, versatility and adaptability, carefully considering the domestic environment as well as the working and public spaces. It is created with the purpose of sharing both a clear identity and a sense of belonging with those who select us.”

excerpt from discipline.eu