Marble, Ash
Size & Weight:
H: 40 x L: 130 x D: 38,5 cm
50 kg
Styled images – Normann Copenhagen
Studio images – Magne Sandnes
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[ 2012 ]

Solid is a robust coffee table that sits right at the crossroads between Japanese tradition and a humble, Nordic appreciation for the forests’ finest materials. The table is designed around the principles of Torii – the gate that marks the transition from the profane to the sacred in Japanese Shinto-temples – gathering inspiration from its wood- and stone-based construction. A solid layer of marble rests firmly on a strong, foundation of Nordic elm to complete the seamless marriage between Japanese and Nordic aesthetics.

Solid reflects the core philosophy of designer Lars Beller; to design furniture that achieves a sense of both timelessness and longevity through an immediate, honest functionalism in form and aesthetic.

The philosophy is clearly evident in Bellers’ choice of references for Solid, mixing a classic Nordic appreciation for natural materials with Japanese craft and tradition. Beller adds yet another nod to Nordic and Japanese crafting-traditions through his refusal of glue, bolts and screws. Instead, ’Solid’ deploys a traditional interlocking-system that uses the weight of the marble plate to create a solid, steady table.

Lars on process:

“One of the first ideas I had for this coffee table was to design it in such a way that it could be flat packed. I found the idea of combining a luxury product with a flat pack solution immensely intriguing. One of the challenges I wanted to solve was to come up with a construction that the user intuitively knew how to assemble.”

All the parts (Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum)

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