93% Recycled Cork + 7% Resin

Tile Size:
1’-4” x 1’-4” (40.6 x 40.6 cm)

Tile Thicknesses:
1 in (25.4 mm) 1 1/6 in (27 mm)

18 oz / ft2 (5492 g / m2)

Standard Color:
Natural Cork

Contract or residential

Dust regularly. Spot clean with cloth dampened with water only.

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree and is 100% natural plant tissue Cork is 100% biodegradable, formaldehyde free,  and FSC Certified Cork contributes to LEED© MR Credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials – Beller Collection is 93% post industrial recycled material and contributes to LEED© MR Credit 4.1-4.2

Patented pressure fit rails provided




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Beller Collection

[ 2016 ]

The Beller Collection introduces a new natural material to the iconic brand known for five decades as the go-to for full grain leather. Driven by a lifelong fascination with the marriage of nature and technology instilled in his native Norway, Lars Beller Fjetland was immediately drawn to cork. Manufactured with waste material from wine stopper production, the resulting product is 93% recycled cork produced in a waste-free molding process. The molded cork tiles of the Beller Collection are flexible too; allowing endless configurations using standard tile designs that add three-dimensional patterning and acoustic absorption.

Lisboa and Porto tiles are 1’-4” (40.6 cm) square modules that secure to a unique patented pressure fit rail system with a gentle push. The design of Lisboa tiles takes inspiration from the street grids of its namesake city (Lisbon, Portugal) while referencing the flexible pattern making of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeier’s ceramic tiles. The five tile designs feature a thin linear reveal in varied locations that combine to create endless pattern options from simple to elaborate. Named after the Portuguese city known for its cork factories, the three standard profiles of Porto are inspired by familiar textures found in factory building surfaces—rounded silos, corrugated metal siding, and saw-tooth rooftops.

Speaking of the working with natural materials and recycled content in the Beller Collection, Lars Beller Fjetland comments, “I believe that both Spinneybeck and I pursue a common goal of creating new sustainable and sophisticated product solutions, and with the Beller Collection we aim to prove that there is no contradiction between sustainability and mass production.”

Spinneybeck Lars Beller Fjetland cork

Lars on process:

“One of the things that I find really fascinating about cork is that, in many ways, it acts like a very dense memory foam. It always bounces back to its original form after being subject to mechanical pressure. This unique trait is a result of its iconic hexagonal cellular structure that also gives the material the ability to store energy. It is truly remarkable that a wine stopper can keep a tight seal on a wine bottle for over a hundred years.

I have tried to make use of this particular feature in several projects, but it is perhaps more obvious in the patented snap-on solution I designed for the Beller Collection. The tiles are fixed to an extruded aluminium rail with the exact same force it took to snap them on. This force remains more or less constant until the tile is removed. Tiny inventions like this one give me lots of joy and inspiration.”

Bales of cork granules packed and ready to be shipped (Photo: Amorim)

About manufacturer


“Spinneybeck’s current global headquarters are located just outside of Buffalo, New York and are home to the largest supply of quality upholstery leather with a standing inventory of two million square feet. In addition, Spinneybeck has built an unparalleled architectural products line pushing the envelope of the possibilities of leather by taking a natural material from a strictly seating covering to clad the walls, floors, and ceilings of interior spaces. The boundaries of leather are constantly being tested as Spinneybeck rises to meet the needs of the creative and innovative design community.

No other company offers upholstery leather or leather architectural products equal to Spinneybeck. While the word ‘Spinneybeck’ represents the ingredients for ancient leather making, it continues on as a symbol for the world’s finest leathers and leather architectural products.”

excerpt from spinneybeck.com